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Aanpassing 1.4 (2014-01-18)

  • Maker: Miklfe
  • Categorieën: Stijl
  • Beschikbare talen: 16 (see)
  • Compatibel met: Piwigo releases 2.6
  • Downloads: 8803
Brasil [BR] Català [CA] Dansk [DK]
Deutsch [DE] English [UK] Español [ES]
Français [FR] Italiano [IT] Latviešu [LV]
Magyar [HU] Polski [PL] Slovensky [SK]
Türkçe [TR] Ελληνικά [GR] Українська [UA]
中文 (简体) [CN]

Over: Nécessite l'instalation de PwgCarbon_dft
Thème configurable: choix de couleur, des background et des images de fond
Choix d'ouverture des images dans une lighting box; choix de la réflexion des miniatures.

Veranderingen: Same Piwigo 2.6.0


Aanpassing 1.4 (2014-01-18)

  • Maker: Miklfe
  • Categorieën: Stijl
  • Compatibel met: Piwigo releases 2.6
  • Downloads: 7295

Over: Style pour PwgCarbon_dft
Theme basic qui utilise le plugin jQuery Masonry

Veranderingen: Same Piwigo 2.6.0


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Aanpassing 1.5.0 (2014-01-13)

  • Makers: Zaphod, flop25
  • Categorieën: Stijl
  • Beschikbare talen: 33 (see)
  • Compatibel met: Piwigo releases 2.6, 2.5, 2.4
  • Downloads: 28445
Brasil [BR] Català [CA] Česky [CZ]
Dansk [DK] Deutsch [DE] English [UK]
Español [ES] Esperanto [EO] Estonian [EE]
Français [FR] Italiano [IT] Latviešu [LV]
Magyar [HU] Nederlands [NL] Norsk bokmål [NO]
Polski [PL] Português [PT] Română [RO]
Slovenščina [SL] Slovensky [SK] Srpski [SR]
Svenska [SE] Türkçe [TR] Việt [VN]
Ελληνικά [GR] Български [BG] Русский [RU]
Українська [UA] العربية [AR] فارسی [IR]
ภาษาไทย [TH] 中文 (简体) [CN] 中文 (繁體) [TW]

Over: stripped-galleria is based on stripped theme and needs stripped 2.x.

It uses the galleria script: and its "classic" theme, both released under the MIT license.
The thumbnail page is removed, the script is launched when entering an album.
A thumbnail carousel is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Several options are available on the configuration page.

Veranderingen: 2.5 and 2.6 Compatibility

Event Cats

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Aanpassing 1.2.8 (2014-01-12)

  • Maker: LucMorizur
  • Categorieën: Plugin
  • Beschikbare talen: 14 (see)
  • Compatibel met: Piwigo releases 2.6
  • Downloads: 23079
Brasil [BR] Česky [CZ] Dansk [DK]
Deutsch [DE] English [UK] Español [ES]
Français [FR] Italiano [IT] Latviešu [LV]
Português [PT] Türkçe [TR] Ελληνικά [GR]
Русский [RU] فارسی [IR]

Over: Allows automatic identification in a gallery without having to provide a login and a password, and allows creation of an account having immediately access to some private content.

Thus allows you, after an event where you have been THE photographer, to share your pictures very easily with people not (yet) being registered on your gallery, but still publishing your pictures in a _private_ category. But there can be also other usages ;-) ...

LOOK OUT : the automatic identification is very poor about security ! To be used smartly.

To use this plugin on a gallery displayed with another language than french or english, you just need to translate the file ./language/en_UK/duplic.lang.php . Only in this file is there content displayed to visitors.
But of course, I'm very interested in any full translation :-) !

Veranderingen: Compatibility with Piwigo version 2.6

New languages:
* Danish (Dansk [DK]), thanks to Kaare
* Greek (Ελληνικά [GR]), thanks to bas_alba
* Spanish (Español [ES]), thanks to jpr928
* Persian (فارسی [IR]), thanks to ipic
* Portuguese Brazil (Brasil [BR]), thanks to flaviove
* Portuguese (Português [PT]), thanks to ANO
* Russian (Русский [RU]), thanks to Konve
* Turkish (Türkçe [TR]), thanks to hakanselcuk, LazBoy


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Aanpassing 1.6.1 (2013-12-02)

Česky [CZ] Deutsch [DE] English [UK]
Español [ES] Français [FR] Italiano [IT]
Latviešu [LV] Magyar [HU] Polski [PL]

Over: features:
* Tree view of your Piwigo Gallery albums
* Creates new albums
* Re-sizes before transferring

* 10.7 (Lion) Mac - 10.8 - 10.9 Mavericks
* Aperture 3.2 - 3.5

1) Unzip the file
2) run the ApertureToPiwigo.pkg
3) open Aperture

1) open Aperture
2) select a few photos
3) File Menu> Export> ApertureToPiwigo or Right click the mouse on a photo and then Export> ApertureToPiwigo
4) make shortcut MENU : Aperture > Command > personnalization

Veranderingen: - une petite amélioration sur la transmission du nom des fichiers.

- a small improvement on transmit name file.

(602 uitbreidingen)
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