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Revision 1.14 (2013-04-20)

  • Author: micah
  • Categories: Plugin
  • Tags: S3, AWS
  • Available languages: 1 (see)
  • Compatible with: Piwigo releases 2.5
  • Downloads: 3656
English [UK]

About: The S3Upload plugin uploads gallery photos to your configured Amazon (AWS) S3 storage account, automatically or by batch selection.


Changes: 1.14 - Added new config option for 'Add Timestamp/Unique to Path/File for S3 Image Location', now 'Add Category Hierarchy' is available. Fixed a few strings that were not using translation.



SUMMARY: When a photo is added to your Piwigo gallery, S3Upload plugin uploads the (full size) image to your Amazon S3 account, and when viewing an individual photo a download link to the S3 image is provided.

MORE DETAILS: When a photo is added to your Piwigo gallery (your database table holding the index of images is updated), S3Upload queues those newly added photos to be processed for uploading a full-size copy to your configured Amazon S3 bucket of choice.

When a queued image is confirmed successfully uploaded to S3, it is cleared from an index of queued files pending upload.

Any upload transfer attempts that fail are displayed in the "10 Most Recent Pending Uploads to S3" table in this tab.

Each S3 uploaded photo will (optional) have a download link in the Piwigo photo display info box.

2 methods of photo uploading are provided. Method 1#: Active Monitoring (while enabled) will queue and upload every photo that's added to the gallery *AFTER* the installation of the S3Upload plugin. Method #2: the Piwigo Batch Manager will have an S3Upload command in the dropdown—it queues for uploading files selected in the Batch Manager. The Batch manager method can be used to S3 upload photos that were added to gallery before the plugin was installed.

Photos added while Active Monitoring is disabled will not be queued/uploaded when monitoring is re-enabled. Use Batch Manager method to select any photos to be S3 uploaded.

(1 extensions)
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