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Piwigo is open source foto-galerij-software voor het internet. Ontworpen voor organisaties, teams en individuelen

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versie 14.4.0 1 maand geleden

Piwigo 14.4.0 1 maand geleden

Laatste activiteit 1 dag 16 uren geleden

Duizenden organisaties en miljoenen mensen gebruiken Piwigo graag.

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Hoog volume

Piwigo schittert als het gaat om het classificeren van duizenden of zelfs honderdduizenden foto's.


Piwigo werd in 2002 geboren en ondersteunt al meer dan 22 jaar haar gebruikers. Altijd evoluerend!

Open source

Broncode is beschikbaar, bewerkbaar, controleerbaar en uitbreidbaar dankzij plug-ins en thema's.

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Institut Catholique d’Arts et Métiers
Office du Tourisme du Bassin d'Arcachon
Parc naturel régional des Landes de Gascogne
Metropolitan University BelGrade

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Piwigo is a full-featured, ergonomic and intuitive tool managed by an attentive and responsive team. We were pleased with its 100% customizable interface. Piwigo is a good internal communication tool, allowing us to share the life of our projects in images, and facilitates collaboration with our service providers: communication agency, photographer.

Cindy, Groupe ECT

Bedrijven France

Piwigo is a very high performance, very versatile gallery program. It offers a good selection of attractive themes. It also offers good technical support from it's staff and from fellow users.

Robert Deming, Filmpack Camera Club

Zonder winstoogmerk United States

Having just returned from a wonderful family trip, we needed to find a way to share our photos while making it easy to distribute them to our friends. Being an open source promotor, unwilling to share photos with GAFAMs and having a web hosting, Piwigo was the perfect solution! Modular as you like, easy to use... Needless to say, for the next trip of this type I already know how we'll share the photos :-).

Thomas Bury

Fotografen & individuen France

Our Piwigo, Images du Revest, is an initiative of 2 associations dedicated to history, heritage and culture. It's a contributive inventory where geolocation, description and comments are as important as the image. Piwigo is a complete CMS that goes far beyond a simple online album: it's thanks to its collaborative mode that Piwigo made possible our beautiful exhibition and the writing of the associated book. Fine-tuned rights management makes behind-the-scenes work practical, efficient and discreet. Our Piwigo is the 4th component of our web communication, along with the Carnets, the forum and a curation tool. The images in the album can already be used on the forum, and soon in the Carnets, and the style of the different sites has been easily standardized, so that readers have the impression of staying in the land of knowledge, while moving from one site to another. We're enthusiasts, volunteers, passers-on of knowledge, and Piwigo is our tool and our vehicle for sharing knowledge about our village of Revest-les-Eaux.

Katryne, Images du Revest

Zonder winstoogmerk France

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