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Piwigo is open source foto-galerij-software voor het internet. Ontworpen voor organisaties, teams en individuelen

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versie 14.4.0 1 maand geleden

Piwigo 14.4.0 1 maand 4 weken geleden

Laatste activiteit 22 uren geleden

Duizenden organisaties en miljoenen mensen gebruiken Piwigo graag.

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Hoog volume

Piwigo schittert als het gaat om het classificeren van duizenden of zelfs honderdduizenden foto's.


Piwigo werd in 2002 geboren en ondersteunt al meer dan 22 jaar haar gebruikers. Altijd evoluerend!

Open source

Broncode is beschikbaar, bewerkbaar, controleerbaar en uitbreidbaar dankzij plug-ins en thema's.

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Winchester City Council
Office du Tourisme du Bassin d'Arcachon
Océanopolis Brest
Office de Tourisme Digne Les Bains

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I needed a platform to show pictures of my knives that doesn't need a lot of maintenance and its configurable. Piwigo was the best solution I found. I was able to customize it so its easy to navigate on the desktop and mobile. The 3rd party plugin repository enables a lot of nice things to be done so the site looks even better.

Pablo E. Untroib, PEU Knives

Bedrijven Argentina

I have been using Piwigo for my wife's website for many years. It's been quite reliable for me, easy to use for her, and receives regular updates which are easy to apply. I love that it supports multiple languages, mass uploads via command line and uploads via web.

Rob Nugen

Fotografen & individuen Japan

With Piwigo's help we have put over 3,800 photos on our website to display the village and its people, both past and present and so it has become a history of our past, a record of our achievements. Piwigo enables us to link items together, in a time frame, and provide details through photo enlargements and text and be a depository for photos that can be used by all. Our school's children learn the history of the village and by the use of the quizzes learn about how to research subjects.

Robert Macfarlane, Swanland Heritage Centre

Zonder winstoogmerk United Kingdom

I have used Piwigo for many years and am very pleased with it. I run numerous websites with various gallery solutions, however Piwigo is by far the best and I use Piwigo on all my important websites. Using Piwigo I can create a web gallery exactly how I want it. In my own case, I want the my photographs to look as good as possible so I have a very simple gallery with large images. I also want the images to be found and that is made easy by the gallery structure and search function.

Jonathan Webb

Fotografen & individuen Germany

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