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Piwigo is open source foto-galerij-software voor het internet. Ontworpen voor organisaties, teams en individuelen

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versie 14.2.0 4 weken geleden

Piwigo 14.2.0 4 weken geleden

Laatste activiteit 9 uren geleden

Duizenden organisaties en miljoenen mensen gebruiken Piwigo graag.

Waarom Piwigo kiezen?

Hoog volume

Piwigo schittert als het gaat om het classificeren van duizenden of zelfs honderdduizenden foto's.


Piwigo werd in 2002 geboren en ondersteunt al meer dan 21 jaar haar gebruikers. Altijd evoluerend!

Open source

Broncode is beschikbaar, bewerkbaar, controleerbaar en uitbreidbaar dankzij plug-ins en thema's.

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Winchester City Council
Sellerie Moillo
Océanopolis Brest
Institut Catholique d’Arts et Métiers

Zij houden van Piwigo


I've been using Piwigo since 2011 for my website: easy to set up and even customize yourself. My pages have been viewed over 265,000 times and over 190,000 images have been viewed.

Kurt Schneider

Fotografen & individuen Switzerland

I run a small gallery with pictures from car races. I tried different platforms but thanks to Piwigo I found what I need. It is intuitive to use, I don't need IT knowledge to be able to use this gallery efficiently. The software efficiently uses my old IT equipment, working on it surprisingly well for several years.

Piotr Dudka

Fotografen & individuen Poland

I've been using Piwigo the last few years since Flickr announced their 1,000 photo limit to free users. I used a Piwigo plugin to directly import my 11,000+ photos and groups from Flickr into my self-hosted Piwigo instance. It's been working flawlessly since and I have many of the social interactions expected such as comments, facial recognition, geolocation, ratings, etc.

Danie van der Merwe

Fotografen & individuen South Africa

Having just returned from a wonderful family trip, we needed to find a way to share our photos while making it easy to distribute them to our friends. Being an open source promotor, unwilling to share photos with GAFAMs and having a web hosting, Piwigo was the perfect solution! Modular as you like, easy to use... Needless to say, for the next trip of this type I already know how we'll share the photos :-).

Thomas Bury

Fotografen & individuen France

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